Get A FREE Home Value Estimate

Get A FREE Home Value Estimate

Pricing strategy is perhaps THE most important decision for a successful home sale. To get Top Dollar, it's essential to price a property accurately

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Get A FREE Home Value Estimate

Don't Fall in the Overpricing Trap!

To get Top Dollar, it is essential to price a property accurately for the current marketplace. The reason is simple...

Virtually all buyers search for properties online and do comparison shopping. As a result, they get a good idea of what your property is worth.

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What is a Comparative Analysis Report?

The goal of a Comparative Market Analysis is to study the local market for properties comparable to yours. It is what we use to develop a pricing and positioning strategy that generates excitement among buyers.

You will see properties like yours, in your area, that recently sold, get an idea of how long it will take to sell your home, and see how your competitors are currently pricing their home.

Our expert opinion on how to maximize your Home Value

We provide more than a home value estimate. We leverage our experience and expertise and provide you advise on what to fix, where to direct your renovation effort and how to prepare your home to maximize your home value

If you choose to do so, we can manage your renovation project and get the work done on your behalf, at no upfront cost to you. You pay us back when your home is sold.

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